[Loadstone] types of phones

tempjayren at gmail.com tempjayren at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 04:42:51 BST 2010

that url, www.blindsea.com has links for 2nd and 3rd edition phones.
i have no idea what my n82 phone is.
i guessed it was a 3rd edition phone because there was a version of the 
pcsuite tools that matched the one that was installed on my computer 
it was version 7.1s
the 3rd edition phones also had editions for and
the install cd also wanted to and did install this proigram called ovi 
i really don't want to use any of the nokiaware except maybe the audio 
themes if my phone supports it the pedometer/step counter thing, and 
maybe a few others.
need help here.

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