[Loadstone] vsrious issues, loadstone and other

tempjayren at gmail.com tempjayren at gmail.com
Fri Apr 9 11:06:56 BST 2010

the nokia software i have to use is not accessible so i can't poke the 
phone from the pc all that well, and of course without a screen reader 
the phone isn't accessible.
the person i have that helps me does what she can, though she's not the 
best, and reading seems to annoy her, she doesn't care about how 
messages are worded and has read mistakes to me that when i go back and 
question her she goes "oh yeah it said that." so my sighted support is 
not so good.
specially when the message is critical to the operation we happen to be 
doing at the moment, then she gets mad saying that i'm the genius, while 
this is amusing for the ego it doesn't resolve the problem

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