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Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
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That doesn't sound correct! More like you do not have the date set correctly 
on the phone. LoadStone doesn't care about a sim card in the phone.

So please check the date on the phone and make sure that it is correct! If 
you are unsure of the date format for the N82 that you hvae! Then use a date 
where the month and day are the same. Example: 04/04/2010 or 05/05/2010. 
Then install the software like LoadStone or Talks. After you get a screen 
reader installed! Then you can go into the phones Settings and see what the 
correct format of the date is on your phone. It could be in one of two 
formats. MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY

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> i'll worry about the database after i get the software up and running.
> the phone is the n82, i bought second hand from someone who only had it 
> for the knfbreader which i also have.
> for mobility i'm considering the loadstone package and the seeing with 
> sound package
> other applications for the phone are the talks screen reader, and a decent 
> file explorer so i can work with loadstone files and probably more.
> a good many of the applications say that they cannot install because the 
> phone has no sim card. even the loadstone package says this, i have no 
> idea why.
> however, some of the applications have no trouble installing, they don't 
> seem to care about a sim card's presence.
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