[Loadstone] [Bulk] problem with loadstone and gps connection

Jakob Rosin jakob at vhk.ee
Thu Apr 8 18:54:43 BST 2010

Yes, it is set to bluetooth


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Have you selected external GPS in the settings menu?




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I bought a cellular line pocket gps. So, if i connect it with my nokia e 51
latest version of loadstone it will announce me that there is no signal.
After few seconds it says that gps clock seems to stopped diccing and starts
making high beeps. After that, if i want to make any choices in menus,
loadstone crushes. Then i tried to change the clock check interval first to
10 seconds then to 20 seconds. It gave me same reaction.  Then i tried a
different gps, a insmat gps. It worked normally. I thried the cellular line
gps with nokia e 90 using program nokia maps, and there it worked. Then i
installed loadstone to e 90, where it made the same problem - the clock
seems to stopped diccing. In computer it works also with a program with
supports only NMEA format. 


Can you help me to fix the problem?


Thanks and best regards

Jakob Rosin


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