[Loadstone] No 'talking map'.

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In the database explorer enter the desired centerpoint and select an area 
of 5.5 KM. This usually results in a list of points under 1000. Select 
'select all' in step 2 and all you have to do is go to the download page 
and collect the checklist. You can experiment with the area size to see if 
a larger area still fits in the below 1000 scheme.


At 9/21/2009, you wrote:
>Thanks for that Rob.  The last question from me on this subject is, if 
>that's the case, is it possible to create smaller databases and check them 
>if they only have a few hundred points?  or is this something that 
>Loadstone just doesn't do? cheers Steve.
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>>Since the question about a talking map (check all points in database) has 
>>been asked several times on this list the following paragraph has been 
>>added to chapter 2 of the Getting Started Manual:
>>No 'talking map"
>>The database technology currently used in the Loadstone-GPS program does 
>>not allow an unlimited number of points to be checked (marked as a checkpoint).
>>It is therefore not possible to use this program as a so called 'talking 
>>map'. Experience has learned that the maximum number of checkpoints that 
>>will not 'freeze' the program is around 1000.
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