[Loadstone] Debugging & Emulator (epoc) questions

Jerry Matheny starnoble at gmail.com
Mon Sep 21 23:55:22 BST 2009

When you say you got it to compile in Linux, will it run in Linux or is it
just the install file for the phone? I was kinda wondering what all would be
involved making it actually run in a text environment like that? It might be
handy to be able to explore a database without loading it to the phone or

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Hi George,

We debug in "real life".  If the programme compiles that is the first 
step, if it doesn't crash when executed on various hand-sets that is the 
second step and if it survives riggerous testing then it gets released. 
No emulation no debug environment.

We haven't thought about developing for any edition other than 3rd.  We 
develop for hand-sets we possess and we only presently have up to 3rd 
edition.  Besides, isn't 5th edition mostly geared towards touch screens?


On Mon, 21 Sep 2009, Jorge Silva wrote:

> Hola,
>  I managed to compile the source code on Linux and I am about to try on 
> Windows too. I am just wondering whether you guys usually do the debugging
> the hardware since the epoc emulator doesn't quite work on Linux with wine

> (3rd edition doesn't start while 2nd & 1st. editions freeze). If you can
> me through your debugging and testing process on Linux, I'll certainly 
> appreciate it.
>  On a side note, are you looking into the 5th ed. phones at all? Also, is 
> there such thing as a 4th ed.? It seems odd the SDKs jump from 3rd to 5th.
> cheers!
> Jorge
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