[Loadstone] No 'talking map'.

Steve S steve at crustysocks.com
Mon Sep 21 22:15:45 BST 2009

Thanks for that Rob.  The last question from me on this subject is, if 
that's the case, is it possible to create smaller databases and check them 
if they only have a few hundred points?  or is this something that Loadstone 
just doesn't do? cheers Steve.
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> Since the question about a talking map (check all points in database) has 
> been asked several times on this list the following paragraph has been 
> added to chapter 2 of the Getting Started Manual:
> No 'talking map"
> The database technology currently used in the Loadstone-GPS program does 
> not allow an unlimited number of points to be checked (marked as a 
> checkpoint).
> It is therefore not possible to use this program as a so called 'talking 
> map'. Experience has learned that the maximum number of checkpoints that 
> will not 'freeze' the program is around 1000.
> Rob
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