[Loadstone] Creating a database with points "checked" by default?

Steve S steve at crustysocks.com
Sun Sep 20 22:12:59 BST 2009

Hi, when creating a database, is it possible to have all the junctions/POI's created "checked" by default?  For example, I don't want to do any routes at the moment, I simply want announcements of all points, rather than checking the points I want announced.  I've converted a file with a 10.5KM radius from my home and it covers the areas I will mostly go to.  I could go anywhere within this radius without specific routes, so I want all points announcing.  As there are hundreds of points, I don't want to check them all...I'd rather have the choice of "unchecking" the ones I don't want.

I tried the database explorer, but I'm sure this isn't what I'm needing.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers Steve.

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