[Loadstone] Best loadstone development environment setup?

Grzegorz Zlotowicz grzezlo at wp.pl
Fri Sep 18 23:16:12 BST 2009

I'm not a Loadstone developer, but had similar problem some time ago, and 
here are my conclusions:
1. Under Linux follow the instructions contained in the "compiling" file, 
which is included with the source code downloadable from the LS main site.
2. Under Win32 download the s60 sdk (requires registering in Nokia forums), 
and install it.
3. You'll also need an Carbide from Nokia.
4. Next required component is the Perl version 5.6.1 if I remember well...
5. After downloading and installing everything, try if it works correctly 
and if you can build some example projects included with Carbide. If not, 
try search the internet for solutions, because the Symbian development 
environment is very complicated to setup and often gives users strange 
6. After having environment set up correctly, you can import the LS sources 
into the Carbide, and now you must change the linux-style paths in some 
project files into the win32-style paths - I did it a quite long time ago, 
so don't remember what are the exact file names.
7. If you'll be able to compile the LS sources without errors connected to 
lack of some libraries or include files (this is a result of non-win32 paths 
in project files), then you have only one think to do - having a developer 
certificate for the phone you'd like to test the LS on, import it into the 
Carbide and the whole process of generating a sis file can be automated by 
this IDE.
If you haven't a certificate, search internet for solutions - it's simply 
totally other story...

Excuse me i couldn't help more; maybe installing some Linux distribution 
(Vinux for example, very nice working with blind person as of version 2.0), 
and then compiling LS using mentioned at the beginning detailed instructions 
is a simpler way than to do it under win32...

Greetings, Greg. 

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