[Loadstone] Using Loadstone points with Open Street Map points and majorly confused

Jerry Matheny starnoble at gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 16:21:38 BST 2009

Can anyone assist me with this? I got an osm file for my area and imported
it into Loadstone, but there are a lot of duplicates. Do I want to perhaps
just get the streets from the Point Share Exchange and just tell it to only
do the poi's from the Open Street Map file? Not sure if that would give me
all the pertinent extra information. Oh, and one more thing. I noticed that
streets are named like this: martin luther king junior x south west temple.
This is from the osm file. But the streets are only Martin Luther King
Junior and West Temple, not South West Temple. I guess this error is from
people who made the database actually not living here? I am not sure. But I
noticed points are also similarly done for the street names on the Point
Share Exchange. It makes it kind of confusing, knowing which street is
which. The reason for this is in a lot of the streets, they are something
like: 1300 South 300 east. Well, what happens, is they end up being labeled
like something like this from Point Share Exchange: south 300 east 1300
south. At any rate, it's backwards and confusing. Does anyone know what I'm
talking about? Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to fix it? I am
just so confused. Sorry about all this you guys.

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