[Loadstone] Best way to handle Loadstone databases and points

Jerry Matheny starnoble at gmail.com
Tue Sep 15 23:36:04 BST 2009

Can anyone tell me the best way to handle Loadstone databases and points? I
have a Nokia N82, so a pretty fast processor, and I would like to get a lot
of pois that are around me. I have tried doing this in the past from the
Point Share Exchange, but it seems like they have the addresses backwards.
At any rate they are confusing. And that only has the main streets, not the
stores or businesses. I have tried Open Street Map before, but, not sure if
I was doing something wrong, but they really didn't have to much for my
area. I am in Salt Lake City, Utah, zip of 84101. Anyway, can anyone give me
suggestions of something I can try? Oh, and one more thing. I saw earlier on
the list a way to search for an address of a business, and import the
coordinants for that place directly into Loadstone. What program do I need
to do this? Some program that can extract zip files I think? If someone who
is experienced with Loadstone could give me a hand so I can get the most out
of this product it would be awesome!

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