[Loadstone] coordinates in Loadstone, a request

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at online.nl
Tue Sep 15 20:09:38 BST 2009

Hi Loadstone team,

My husband and I are trying to use Loadstone for geocaching 
(www.geocaching.com). Until
now, it seems to work perfectly, with one catch: the way coordinates are
entered in Loadstone.

Coordinates given for geocaching normally are in the form DD MM.MMM -
that is, degrees, minutes and fractions of minutes. However, to enter
coordinates in Loadstone the format DD.DDDDD is used - degrees and
fractions of degrees. Using the online conversion tools is at least
cumbersome and often impossible when hunting for a treasure in the bush.

Would it be possible to configure or select the format in which
coordinates can be entered? I think this would make
Loadstone a great tool for this activity.


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