[Loadstone] [Bulk] Using an internal GPS receiver

Georgina Joyce r2gl at o2.co.uk
Sun Sep 13 16:51:36 BST 2009


Thanks, found it.  Couldn't get a signal but the external one does so
will play more.  Loadstone rocks!

On Sun, 2009-09-13 at 06:59 -0700, Dave Carlson wrote:
> Go to the settings menu, cursor left once, and up once. You'll be able to 
> select Bluetooth or phone as your GPS source.
> Dave
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> Hi
> I've seen the messages suggesting that internal GPS receivers are not
> that good.  But I've been unable to find how to switch them on so that
> loadstone can use it.  I have a N82 and a E71 here and obviously missing
> something in my understanding.  Does the find GPS only appy to external
> units?
> Thanks.
> Gena
> Tj

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