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krecoun krecoun at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 08:13:53 BST 2009

Well, so you will carry allways two devices, because ipod touch isn't phone.
plus, you will carry bluetooth receiver, if I understand.
Look, for us in czech republic are nokia phones lot more affordable than 
ipods and iphone.
And i really don't want to tie my self to apple. Really not, look at 
news what did they do with some apps, that were submit and how they behaved.
Symbian is opensource, as far as i know.

Josh napsal(a):
> Hi,
> For the ipod touch with voiceover $300 one-time payment its the iphone 
> without the phone. As for me if I want a notetaker a good netbook with 
> extra batteries works fine. Well if loadstone is not converted I'll 
> just carry both my symbian phone and ipod when I get one. I also 
> decided not to load the entire state of Pennsylvania all at once but 
> rather to load in only what I need when I need it. iloadstone works 
> faster this way and if I want to do serius exploring that's where ipod 
> touch maps comes in, why waste space in my symbian phone?
> Josh
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