[Loadstone] loadstone and symbian OS

Georgina Joyce r2gl at o2.co.uk
Fri Sep 11 21:49:53 BST 2009


Well loadstone is GPL software.  So there's nothing stopping you from
grabbing the source code and porting it to the Apple platform.

I don't like Voice Over and OSX, you simply need lots of fingers.  I
also want to just carry my phone.  I don't want to be carrying a
keyboard too.  Doing anything with a touch device using a screen reader
must be teadious at least.

Perhaps, when the sybian source code is released someone who agrees with
GPL philosophy might just create a GPL screen reader.  Just like those
guys doing NVDA.

Loadstone developers keep it up!


On Fri, 2009-09-11 at 16:06 -0400, Josh wrote:
> Hello,
> I got a great suggestion for loadstone! please stop developing
> loadstone or symbian! either that or phase it out and move over to
> apple mac iphone and ipod touch with free VoiceOver! 
> Why phase out loadstone or symbian and move over to IPod touch and
> IPhone?
> 1. no symbian signed.
> 2. No paying $300 extra for ttalks and mobileSpeak.
> 3. Every IPhone 3gs and Ipod touch 3rd generation 32gb and 64gb comes
> with the  free VoiceOver screen reader.
> 4. IPhone supports bluetooth.
> 5. IPod touch 3rd generation 32gb and 64gb supports bluetooth. so you
> could use bluetooth gps receivers with it.
> 6. Combine loadstone with IPod ttouch maps application and Loadstone
> just got a billion times better than it is now. 
> 7. Why pay $250 for a new nokia phone and $300 for talks/mobilespeak
> or a total of $600 for a phone with screen reader and gps when you can
> pay $300 and get it all? 
> 8. IPhone and IPod's gesture-based screen reader put symbian OS and
> windows mobile OS to shame!
> 9. want a keyboard? connect a bluetooth keyboard to the IPod.
> 10. apple Accessibility said that thanks to my suggestion braille
> display support is coming for IPhone and IPod touch.
> 11. IPod and IPhone VoiceOver can speak more  than 20 languages.
> compare that to paying $400 for a new windows mobile pda, plus $300
> for mobilespeak pocket. that's $700 for the whole thing, plus another
> $800 for mobile geo no $900 sorry about that. Cme on loadstone team
> please please please make loadstone for the iphone and ipod touch and
> phase out symbian! The way apple seems to be going is they are making
> their products into little smart computers or PDAs.Now the ipod has
> become a little pocket sized computer that you operate with a touch
> screen. Blind and can't see the screen? easy, go into accessible
> itunes on your netbook or your mac and turn on your ipod or iphone's
> voiceOver feature. VoiceOver isthe world's first gesture based screen
> reader. imagine this. 
> I'm out on the street and want to go to a restaurant. I take out my
> IPod touch or iphone 3gs. and bluetooth receiver if needed turn that
> thing on. turn on ipod with voiceOver. Find and tap the loadstone icon
> or however it works. loadstone opens. Tjap and find/tap options. flick
> down to go to database flick right to open it flick through my
> databases and pinch to load my current zip codes of my city that I got
> from open streetmap. Now switch to Safari and download over the air
> directions to a restaurant and put it  in my loadstone import export
> folder go back and load the checkpoints. start walking. Need more
> detailed directions? switch to my maps application also accessible
> with voiceOver and get better directions comparing to te ones
> loadstone has given me and then I find my way there. I get on a bus
> and am bored. put on some tunes or write in my notes. Guys this new
> IPhone and ipod touch is putting symbian and windows mobile OS's to
> shame! Those touch screen technologies are so well primitive! and the
> best part is with every IPhone and ipod touch you purchase, you get a
> free screen reader that works with all applications, even third party
> apps! oh, and did I mention that all of the games or mostly all of
> them are accessible with voiceOver? 
> Josh
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