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Stephen Giggar sgiggar at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 11 21:24:08 BST 2009

Well lets see! You said the IPhone cost $300. That is only if you buy it 
under a two or three year contract. The IPhone with no contract will cost 
you $600 abouts. So there is no price difference between a good Symbian 
phone and the IPhone. As far as that goes! If you already own a screen 
reader for a Symbian phone! The IPhone would end up costing you $250 more at 
least if you buy it with no contract. Using your example. $250 for a new 
Symbian phone with no contract and $100 for the transfer of the screen 
reader to it. Total $350 with no Contract. For the IPhone $600 with no 

Next not everyone is jumping on the IPhone ride. From watching the 
difference list! It looks like more Windows users are switching them Symbian 
users. The IPhone doesn't give any more ability over a good Symbian phone 
like the N95 dash 3.

As far as spead, The IPhone isn't any faster starting programs over a good 
Symbian phone. All Nokia phones support Bluetooth and can have 5 or more 
devices connected at a time where the IPhone only can support 1 device 

There is no cause to move LoadStone off of Symbian.

Signed: Stephen Giggar
Skype: dr-phone.

Hardware eventually fails, software eventually works.
No amount of bandwidth can fix poor design.

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I got a great suggestion for loadstone! please stop developing loadstone or 
symbian! either that or phase it out and move over to apple mac iphone and 
ipod touch with free VoiceOver!
Why phase out loadstone or symbian and move over to IPod touch and IPhone?
1. no symbian signed.
2. No paying $300 extra for ttalks and mobileSpeak.
3. Every IPhone 3gs and Ipod touch 3rd generation 32gb and 64gb comes with 
the  free VoiceOver screen reader.
4. IPhone supports bluetooth.
5. IPod touch 3rd generation 32gb and 64gb supports bluetooth. so you could 
use bluetooth gps receivers with it.
6. Combine loadstone with IPod ttouch maps application and Loadstone just 
got a billion times better than it is now.
7. Why pay $250 for a new nokia phone and $300 for talks/mobilespeak or a 
total of $600 for a phone with screen reader and gps when you can pay $300 
and get it all?
8. IPhone and IPod's gesture-based screen reader put symbian OS and windows 
mobile OS to shame!
9. want a keyboard? connect a bluetooth keyboard to the IPod.
10. apple Accessibility said that thanks to my suggestion braille display 
support is coming for IPhone and IPod touch.
11. IPod and IPhone VoiceOver can speak more  than 20 languages. compare 
that to paying $400 for a new windows mobile pda, plus $300 for mobilespeak 
pocket. that's $700 for the whole thing, plus another $800 for mobile geo no 
$900 sorry about that. Cme on loadstone team please please please make 
loadstone for the iphone and ipod touch and phase out symbian! The way apple 
seems to be going is they are making their products into little smart 
computers or PDAs.Now the ipod has become a little pocket sized computer 
that you operate with a touch screen. Blind and can't see the screen? easy, 
go into accessible itunes on your netbook or your mac and turn on your ipod 
or iphone's voiceOver feature. VoiceOver isthe world's first gesture based 
screen reader. imagine this.

I'm out on the street and want to go to a restaurant. I take out my IPod 
touch or iphone 3gs. and bluetooth receiver if needed turn that thing on. 
turn on ipod with voiceOver. Find and tap the loadstone icon or however it 
works. loadstone opens. Tjap and find/tap options. flick down to go to 
database flick right to open it flick through my databases and pinch to load 
my current zip codes of my city that I got from open streetmap. Now switch 
to Safari and download over the air directions to a restaurant and put it 
in my loadstone import export folder go back and load the checkpoints. start 
walking. Need more detailed directions? switch to my maps application also 
accessible with voiceOver and get better directions comparing to te ones 
loadstone has given me and then I find my way there. I get on a bus and am 
bored. put on some tunes or write in my notes. Guys this new IPhone and ipod 
touch is putting symbian and windows mobile OS's to shame! Those touch 
screen technologies are so well primitive! and the best part is with every 
IPhone and ipod touch you purchase, you get a free screen reader that works 
with all applications, even third party apps! oh, and did I mention that all 
of the games or mostly all of them are accessible with voiceOver?


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