[Loadstone] Getting street map files and GPS recievers

Steve S steve at crustysocks.com
Fri Sep 11 10:55:10 BST 2009

Hi, I've added certain points in Loadstone and finding it a really useful tool, but I'm getting irratic arrival times and directions.  I'm only using the in built GPS on my N85 and sometimes it can say I'm arriving at a certain destination at lets say 3 O'clock, but the destination could be another 20 metres straight ahead or more.  Is this purely down to the GPS reciever on the phone?  Would I get better results with an external GPS reciever?  I'm just wondering how accurate it can be and what we should expect.  I read in the docs that you could put down a bus stop, now if you get an announcement that you're approaching the bus stop and you're actually 40 metres away from it and it says it's in the wrong direction, what good is this sort of navigation.  So any ideas of the expectations I should have?

Also, I want to download and install my local streett maps.  Can anyone advise on where to get these and how to download them?  Many thanks, cheers Steve.

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