[Loadstone] Approach time

Saqib Saqib500 at btinternet.com
Wed Sep 9 18:15:33 BST 2009

Hi when I use Loadstone on a bus I find that there seems to be a delay in 
updating my current point. The bus will pass a certain road but Loadstone 
will report it approaching when I hit the up arrow key. I have converted all 
the Map data from Open street maps from the tools section. When I'm walking 
I don't have this problem. Is there a setting in which I can alter to stop 
this delay.
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>    Hi to all,
> I like Set  "Approach time" to zero. Only minimal values is 5 seconds. 
> whether
> the new version of "loadstone" to be so?
> approach distance or Arrival radius, what is important when people
> moving,approached some point or Arrival radius  of some  point. Default 
> settings
> for Max approach distance is 10 and for Arrival radius is 16.
>    Sincerely Gradimir
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