[Loadstone] .osm file to loadstone file

Steve Spamer steve at crustysocks.com
Wed Sep 2 19:59:02 BST 2009

Hi Rob, many many thanks for that, I've gotcha now!  Cheers Steve.
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> Hi Steve,
> Menyu and key reference:
> "User name = By default your UserName is the IMEI number of your mobile
> phone. You should change this setting to match your UserName on the
> PointShare Exchange
> web site. Normally this will be an E-mail address. This setting is an edit
> field where you can input text."
> If you press function key1 in the LS program find the settings submenu and
> look under the 'general' tab. The last entry is the username field. This
> tells the phone your userid by calculating it from the e-mail address. If
> you decide to use the PointShareExchange you are also asked for an e-mail
> address and it should be the same as you provided on the phone.
> Hth,
> Rob
> At 9/2/2009, you wrote:
>>    Hi Rob and thanks for your reply.  I've read these pages and find them
>> very informative.  However, I cannot find the specific info I need.  I
>> read a paragraph refering to what I want, but I have no option about "e
>> mail". It says the "user id" is generated by the program, which I
>> have...and it says I need not be concerned with this number.  It then
>> says this number is derived from the e mail I entered in
>> "options/settings/general", but I haven't done that, because I have no
>> such option in there.  Finally, it says this needs to be the same e mail
>> I registered on the points share exchange site...again I haven't done
>> this and nothing says I need to do this.
>>So, could you please clear this up for me?  I'd really appreciate it and I
>>apologise if I'm missing something really simple here :), cheers Steve.
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>>Subject: Re: [Loadstone] .osm file to loadstone file
>>>You will find answers to these and other questions on our website:
>>>please read: About
>>>For information on the use of the Loadstone-GPS software go to:
>>>http://www.loadstone-gps.com/docs/ and read:
>>>Getting Started Manual
>>>Menu and Key reference
>>>For information on GPS receivers to use with Loadstone GPS go to:
>>>http://www.loadstone-gps.com/articles and read:
>>>GPS receivers: how they work.
>>>Three GPS receivers compared.
>>>If after reading this information you have any further questions, please
>>>feel free to post them to this list.
>>>Best regards,
>>>At 9/2/2009, you wrote:
>>>>Hi list.  I've just installed Loadstone onto my N85 and working out 
>>>>way this app will work best for me.  I'm firstly wanting to get a
>>>>streetmap into it and I guess I do this by downloading a .osm file and
>>>>then converting it.
>>>>On the loadstone site , where you can do this, it says I need to have an 
>>>>mail address in "options/settings/general", but I cannot find anything
>>>>refering to this...can anyone help.  Basically, I want loadstone 
>>>>my streets from the converted map etc before I start making my own
>>>>points.  Any help would be greatly appreciated, cheers Steve.
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