[Loadstone] iblue receivers questions

Kerry Hoath kerry at gotss.net
Fri Oct 30 15:48:10 GMT 2009

Firstly, know that most controls are inactive until a gps receiver is 
connected and sending data.
You need to connect the gps receiver, install the driver and insure it is 
showing up in device manager as a serial port.
Remember that port number now open gps view. Find the ropdown containing the 
com ports and select say com23 or whatever got assigned. Now tab to start.
You'll see a whole pile of fields that will populate showing lat long etc.
You can upload dgps data by hitting the update button. As to setting up 
logging, I have not yet experimented with that function yet that is this 
weekend's job.

You will know if gps is connected once you see fields updating or buttons 
like cold warm and hot become available.

Sadly a Braille display is really useful when doing this stuff that is how I 
get buy with changing data.
You of course know that the switch has 3 possitions.
Closest to the edge is off, one clikc across is on/navigation and second 
click is log.
Don't put it on log unless you are logging or you'll eventually wear out the 
serial eeeprom in the device.

You use gpsview to set logging criteria I believe, based on time, distance 
or speed. Pressing the button will log the current point.
The manual is nicely unclear on all this so hopefully this helps a little.
Regards, Kerry.

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Hi Kerry,

I just bought the 747A plus, but I am unable to use GPSView or DataLog
with my screen reader (window eyes); I'm just not able to make out many
controls and can't find any meaningful documentation.

How are you using this?  I want to setup and log data in particular; are
you able to use these because you have some vision?


Chip Orange


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I have been a loadstone user since December 2006 however the
answers to the following questions still escape me.

Firstly, I notice a 10 meter or so difference between a sedio
2010 and a globalsat bt338 verses the sedio 2110.
Anyone else seen this? Anyone want to crunch some logs if I can
provide them? points made on the globalsat and the 2010 are 10 meters
out when viewed on other receivers I have the sedio 2110, a deluo
datalogger using mtk chipset and an iblue 737a+ and 747a+.

I have 3 iblue receivers, 2 737a+ units and a 747 datalogger.
Manual claims you can load differential data to the receiver to
shorten time to first fix.
Is this worth doing? I assume it is done by using gpsview and
hitting query update although not sure which buttons to hit in what
Does gps have to have a fix for this to work? This is possible I
can take a netbook outside and have a fix and get access to the net.

Should loadstone show any difference i.e. differential fix, and
is uploading ephemeris data even worth the time?

Iblue receivers seem to show more satelites more often however
they don't seem to hold on as long as the SiRf3 units I have if they
loose a signal it's just gone so you often oscillate between no signal
and a fix rapidly at times. Anyone else seen this?

Any other hints on the inblue receivers welcome.
Not sure if I have just done my money on receivers that aren't
cool or whether the agps is worth having.
Regards, Kerry.


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