[Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Fri Oct 30 02:34:35 GMT 2009

That's right! Thanks a lot for your support, Greg.
A deep analysis and strong arguments.
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> Hi, Iwould disagree that the point should contain only name...
> What usability from the point named "La madame", without information that it
> is a Pub?
> So, the name "pub la madame" sounds far more informative, but because LS
> can't hold the streets information, the address saying that this pub is
> located on the "flower street" for example, can also be useful...
> Further more, teling the user that the point is located at the 13 house
> number maybe very useful not only for those wanting find exactly pubs, but
> also for users looking for any know point near 15 flower street which for
> example isn't actually known...
> So personally i would agree with Przemyslaw, that more information as a
> point category, name and address are usefull.
> Splitting categories of points into separate databases also isn't very
> fortunate as for me... how do you imagine dealing with over 100 databases -
> each for different category of pois?
> What if you simply want to "look around" and see what nearest points are
> known in database regardless of their categories?
> Greetings, Greg.
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> The point's name field should contain exactly that, the point's name.
> Remember the name field is only 75 characters long and was never intended to
> hold city names, catagories, etc. Adding extra data may also confuse other
> users if you upload this to the point share. The best way to break things
> down is to have separate databases. How far you go with that is up to you.
> Just have your source material broken down when you convert and you'll have
> the same effect as if you had all that information in the point name. Also,
> if you have information repeating with each point name you'll find the
> database will get a lot larger and slower than it needs to be.
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