[Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

Grzegorz Złotowicz grzezlo at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 00:06:29 GMT 2009

Hi, Iwould disagree that the point should contain only name...
What usability from the point named "La madame", without information that it
is a Pub?
So, the name "pub la madame" sounds far more informative, but because LS
can't hold the streets information, the address saying that this pub is
located on the "flower street" for example, can also be useful...
Further more, teling the user that the point is located at the 13 house
number maybe very useful not only for those wanting find exactly pubs, but
also for users looking for any know point near 15 flower street which for
example isn't actually known...
So personally i would agree with Przemyslaw, that more information as a
point category, name and address are usefull.
Splitting categories of points into separate databases also isn't very
fortunate as for me... how do you imagine dealing with over 100 databases -
each for different category of pois?
What if you simply want to "look around" and see what nearest points are
known in database regardless of their categories?
Greetings, Greg.
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The point's name field should contain exactly that, the point's name.
Remember the name field is only 75 characters long and was never intended to
hold city names, catagories, etc. Adding extra data may also confuse other
users if you upload this to the point share. The best way to break things
down is to have separate databases. How far you go with that is up to you.
Just have your source material broken down when you convert and you'll have
the same effect as if you had all that information in the point name. Also,
if you have information repeating with each point name you'll find the
database will get a lot larger and slower than it needs to be.

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