[Loadstone] @ vs x

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Oct 29 16:45:10 GMT 2009

Hi Monty,

True for English screenreaders, but my Dutch screenreader says :
street1 apestaartje street2
Doesn't sound very convincing.

At 10/29/2009, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I think what we should consider here is that the "@" sign isn't 
>technically correct for representing intersections (junctions/cross-roads 
>or whatever you want to call to intersecting roads) in English/North 
>America/United Kingdom either.  As an example... In Canada the word "and" 
>is usually inserted between to names of roads to represent an 
>intersection.  The same is often true here in the UK.
>The fact is that weather it makes sence in English or any other language, 
>we needed a way to represent intersections in Loadstone.  The "@" 
>character seemed as good as any and did at least make sense in English to 
>some degree.  I suspect that it should mean a reasonable amount of sence 
>to non-English speakers as well since anyone with an Email address is 
>familiar with this character and what it means:
>Email: Username belongs or has a relation to a domain.
>Mapping:  Road (A) belongs or has a relation to road (B).
>This is how the Pointshare represents intersections and this is what 
>Loadstone uses too.  The great thing about freedom is that people can 
>create all kinds of wonderful tools and modify Loadstone in all kinds of 
>wonderful ways to meet their own needs which is fine by me!
>Just my 0.2 in your local currency...

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