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Hi All,

I think what we should consider here is that the "@" sign isn't 
technically correct for representing intersections (junctions/cross-roads 
or whatever you want to call to intersecting roads) in English/North 
America/United Kingdom either.  As an example... In Canada the word "and" 
is usually inserted between to names of roads to represent an 
intersection.  The same is often true here in the UK.

The fact is that weather it makes sence in English or any other language, 
we needed a way to represent intersections in Loadstone.  The "@" 
character seemed as good as any and did at least make sense in English to 
some degree.  I suspect that it should mean a reasonable amount of sence 
to non-English speakers as well since anyone with an Email address is 
familiar with this character and what it means:

Email: Username belongs or has a relation to a domain.
Mapping:  Road (A) belongs or has a relation to road (B).

This is how the Pointshare represents intersections and this is what 
Loadstone uses too.  The great thing about freedom is that people can 
create all kinds of wonderful tools and modify Loadstone in all kinds of 
wonderful ways to meet their own needs which is fine by me!

Just my 0.2 in your local currency...


On Thu, 29 Oct 2009, Lex wrote:

> 29.10.2009 11:04, Stephen Giggar пишет:
>> You could also add it to your screen reader dictionary to translate the @ 
>> symbol to what ever you want to hear. If I whir going to do it! That is how 
>> I would do it. Then depending on the screen reader being used! You could 
>> only do it for LoadStone and no other programs on the phone.
> Consider that not all of us can have a latest version of screen reader.
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