[Loadstone] @ vs x

Lex lex at progger.ru
Thu Oct 29 14:45:58 GMT 2009


29.10.2009 14:53, Shawn Kirkpatrick пишет:
> The @ character could be replaced with the correct word for the 
> language in use (and would be the best fit for english). The x 
> couldn't be replaced since it's a valid character in point names. The 
> @ character is unlikely to show up in a point name. If it did for some 
> reason then it could be handled on a case by case basis.
> Regardless of any of this, the point share and the osm converters are 
> inconsistant. This situation should be fixed, it's at least one thing 
> that should be easy to fix.
I will change X to @ in the python tools as fast as loadstone will be 
able to handle it for my language. Until that, changing "X" to "@" seems 
unreasonable since it will be not usable for non-English users.

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