[Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Tue Oct 27 20:55:21 GMT 2009

I'm not sure, what information is usually included.
For me, a good POI is the one that contains the following sequence of information:
- POI category (eg. Pub, crossing).
- POI name (eg. name of the pub).
- Street name
- House number
- City name
Country name (Optional).
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> 27.10.2009 19:27, PrzemysĹ‚aw Rogalski ĐżĐ¸ŃˆĐľŃ‚:
>> And what about if someone prefers to divide databases by points from a specified city/region/voyevodeship.
> Well, optain a map of that region/city and convert only it. This way you 
> will receive a database of wanted region/city without any additional 
> steps from developers of the converters. Note, that you can get not only 
> map of whole country but whatever you want.
>> It would be useful, if in the .osm converters everyone could choose which information should be included in the output (all available info or specific data).
> What exact options do you want to have?
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