[Loadstone] Loadstone Crashing After Connecting To Gps

monty at loadstone-gps.com monty at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Oct 27 18:28:33 GMT 2009

Hi Jerry,

Sorry to hear you guys are having problems when using your N82 with its' 
internal GPS receiver.  The N82 is my primary phone and I (at times) use 
the internal GPS with no trouble.

So we can start diagnosing the problem can you tell me two things:

1.  Have you had success using the N82 with an external GPS receiver?

2.  What is the firmware revision of the N82?  (find this by keying in: 
*#0000# in the stand-by screen.

27 Oct 2009, Jerry Matheny 

> I am not sure what can be causing this, but for some reason, just within the
> past few days, my fiance keeps trying to use Loadstone on her Nokia N82 with
> the internal gps, and, right after Loadstone says how many satelites it
> sees, after connecting to the gps, the app crashes. She tried upgrading to
> the latest version of Loadstone and rebooting the phone, but it still does
> it. Is there anything else we can try?
> Thanks in advance,
> Jerry

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