[Loadstone] testers required (part 2)

monty at loadstone-gps.com monty at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Oct 26 16:17:55 GMT 2009

Hello All,

Prior to releasing versions of Loadstone GPS, we like to get a few people 
with various models of phones to help test the software to make sure it 
works properly with a wide range of handsets.  We have used this 
development model for the past couple of releases and have noticed that 
Loadstone is much more stable because of it.

During the last testing cycle I announced to the testers that we would be 
disbanding the old group of testers in favour of a new one.  This is to 
ensure we get a group of users that is willing to actively and vigorously 
test Loadstone  functionality and report back to the development team with 
their findings.  It is not necessary for everyone to have a high degree of 
technical knowledge as usability is important no matter what your level 

Thanks to all the Symbian Series60 1st Edition handset users who offered to 
help test the next release.  Your interest has been noted and you will be 
contacted soon.

Now, we are looking for users who would like to help us 
test the up coming release  who are using phones with Symbian Series60 2nd 
edition. (Symbian V8.X).  Most models of these phones are 4-5 
years old now so there won't be too many people using them however we 
still like to make sure Loadstone works with them.

Please send me a message off list if you are willing to help test with a 
Symbian Series60 2nd edition phone including the model of your phone and 
any relevant details relating to what you can bring to the testing PROCESS 
- including any pertinent  expertise or various ways you use loadstone 
(sailing, flying, hiking, urban travel etc)

We will try and reply to requests but if we do not get back to you, it's 
nothing personal and it may mean that we have had an overwhelming number 
of offers or that we have enough testers.

Also, in anticipation of questions like "When will the next version of 
Loadstone be released?" or "what functions does the next version have?", 
the answer is "We don't know but we will let the mailing list know when we 

Please, only contact me if you have a 2nd edition handset or if you need 
clarification if you  think you might have.  Wikipedia is a good source of 
knowledge when it comes to your mobile phone and it should have 
information on your particular handset too.


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