[Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

Lex lex at progger.ru
Mon Oct 26 13:47:13 GMT 2009


25.10.2009 13:26, Przemysław Rogalski пишет:
> Ps. Are category names (eg. place of worship), always stored in English in the .osm file?
Yes, the name of the tags is already in english. But my tools have 
possibility to use translated category names (amenity names) such as 
restaurant, supermarket etc in your native language. Currently, only 
russian translation is included. Volunteers who wants to translate the 
program to other languages are welcome.
> I got many points (esp. crossings), without no data of the cities; is this because this kind of information hasn't been included to the point table?

Sorry, I feel i don't completely understand you. Do you request an 
inclusion of city name with each crossing?

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