[Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

Przemysław Rogalski Rogalski at o2.pl
Sat Oct 24 21:37:36 BST 2009

OK, I'll try this.
Anyway, is a command line the only way of using your tools? Or do you perhaps plan to implement some kind of interface with buttons, lists, edit fields etc.?
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Temat: Re: [Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

> Hello,
> 24.10.2009 19:46, PrzemysĹ‚aw Rogalski ĐżĐ¸ŃˆĐľŃ‚:
>> Excuse me, where can I find a detailed usage explanations, list of all aailable commands and their parameters, etc.?
> Sorry, there are no complete documentation yet. However, You can get 
> help about all of supported command options with their explanation by typing
> osm.exe --help
> or
> reprocessor.exe --help
> Hope this helps.
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