[Loadstone] New version of the python tools (0.3)

Lex lex at progger.ru
Fri Oct 23 10:19:28 BST 2009

Hi all,

I am pleased to announce a new version of my set of tools:

  * Support of on-disk database (sqlite3) for storing temporary data 
when osm-file is too big. This mean that now you are able to convert 
even huge files without any memory problems! Program will automatically 
switch to database backend when you try to convert an over 50 mb file. 
For smaller files the old all-in-memory method will be used.
  * Added a command-line option "--force-db-usage" which forces 
converter to use database even if file is lesser than 50 megabytes.
  * fixed errors in the reprocessor.

I remind, that anybody interested in the sources can freely checkout 
them at http://loadstonetools.googlecode.com

Feetback as well as wishes to translate programs to another languages 
are welcome.


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