[Loadstone] seperate poi files!

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Thu Oct 22 20:14:14 BST 2009

Hi Alex,

The person in charge of the Point Share Exchange has been quite busy 
lately and doesn't seem to be monitoring the list at the moment.  I would 
suggest you create a new account.


On Thu, 22 Oct 2009, Alex Jurgensen wrote:

> Hi,
> All:
> I've lost my password for the Sharepoint. What can I do to get it reset?
> Regards,
> Alex,
> Alex Jurgensen,
> AWEBSIGHT Administrator,
> ICE Customer Care,
> VoiceOver Trainer,
> ASquared21 at visionmail.uni.cc 
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> On 2009-10-16, at 1:44 PM, Josh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I figured it out! I know how to seperate .osm files into one file for 
>> streets and another for points of interest. Ok here's directions.
>> 1. convert your data.osm file into a loadstone database .txt file and save 
>> it.
>> 2. Open the .txt file you just saved in notepad.
>> 3. find the word school. do a search.
>> 4. Go up until you find the last streetname now go down once to the first 
>> point of interest.
>> 5. Hit control shift end to select from cursor to end of file. now hit 
>> control c to coy.
>> 6. open a new notepad program or open wordpad.
>> 7. paste this data. you're not done yet.
>> 8. go back into the original file with all the streets and stuff and at the 
>> top you'll see this.
>> table,point
>> name,latitude,longitude,accuracy,satellites,priority,userid,id
>> Copy it and go paste it at the top of your new poi's file. in the other open 
>> document.
>> 9. now save the new file.
>> There! you now got all your poi's in a different file than your streets! Now 
>> for some reason loadstone is not as good as sendero or trekker when it comes 
>> to poi's. open streetmap doesn't have the restaurants gas stations corner 
>> stores and sandwitch shops.
>> Ok now here is how to add those. use google maps to find the address. Now 
>> use geo-coder to get its coordinates. copy the info in the read only edit 
>> box into a text file. don't forget to copy the table name and put the 
>> headers at top of your new database. Now if you want to change your poi 
>> names edit the stuff inside the quotes. You can keep adding points this way. 
>> Then you can share them.
>> Josh
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