[Loadstone] track to route generator

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Oct 22 17:07:19 BST 2009

Your log files seems to be OK, although a bit big. What's the size of the 
database you're running this against? All I can think of at this moment is 
a browser timeout, this tool is terribly slow and should only be used with 
the smallest files possible.

At 10/22/2009, you wrote:
>Ok my database is good and my logs are good. But for the life of mme I 
>cannot get this track to route generator to work! Here are the breadcrumb 
>generator results  followed by track to route generator results or 
>Loadstone track to route generator.
>Uncheck unwanted points and doubles caused by GPS drift. Press 'Generate 
>route' to proceed.
>Not enough data to process.

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