[Loadstone] Off-line OSM converter bug.

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Oct 22 08:58:15 BST 2009

Hi Lex,

I never pointed out a bug in the Python converter, I expressed my doubts 
about the differences in the results. Further investigation made me find 
the bug in the PHP converter, which I fixed. Both tools now produce more or 
less the same results, although the PHP converter filters out more than the 
Python tool. Thanks to the Python converter I was able to compare results 
for the first time and noticed the bug in the PHP code.

At 10/22/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Rob and all, 20.10.2009 20:09, Rob Melchers пишет: > A bug was 
>discovered and repaired in the off-line OSM converter. This > bug caused 
>about 10% points to be generated at the wrong locations. Does this mean 
>that there was no bug in python OSM converter you had pointed out? Thanks 
>for your work. _______________________________________________ Loadstone 
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