[Loadstone] OSM files.

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
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first go to www.loadstone-gps.com
click tools and resources.
now go to the open the geocoder link.
enter your email address and as much info such as house number city zip code state country. in the enter length of side of box in km or square kilometers enter a number like 40 or 50 or if your country is sparcely populated enter 90, or, 98 or 99 then hit the submit button. 
Now on the page that comes up hit enter on the first link for a direct download which is the easiest. Once the data.osm file is downloaded use the offline tools or new command line python tools to convert that into a loadstone database and uh I think it goes in the database directory, or, folder, on your phone, not sure  where exactly. Then simple go to your phone and import it.  


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  Hi Josh,

  Seems that the group is very sensitive on converting files from other provider, I better ask you off list and directly.  In the first place, how do I obtain a OSM file to convert to be used for loadstone?  I am a bit lost with the current discussion going on.

  Please give some explanation to let me start somewhere.

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