[Loadstone] another trip

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 19 13:49:15 BST 2009


Ok I'm gunna make another trip today. I'll go from my house on 11th and Spruce, to 4th and franklin, then from 4th and franklin to 4th and spruce, then from 4th and spruce up to nearly 11th and spruce. I'm gunna use my xv6700 pocket pc phone with sendero gps 30-day trial software to get from my house to 4th and franklin. Then I will switch to my Symbian9.1 nokia e51 phone with loadstone to go to the other places. After I get to my destination I will stop logging. Each time I start logging again I will make a new log file therefore creating new routes. Then once home, I'll see if this method works. After my trip yesterday i uploaded a bunch of points to the points share exchange including an italian restaurant and shoe store which was not included in my points I downloaded from open-street-maps. 
I really like being able to share my points with others, and I feel it is a way I can contribute to the loadstone project without learning c++ programming or php script. 


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