[Loadstone] log errors mysterious?

Josh jkenn337 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 23:37:52 BST 2009


Ok this is weird. log analyzer says log file is fine but track to route generator says otherwise. take a look. 

Loadstone GPS NMEA log analyzer

Average NMEA data

The coverage during this trip was : 67%.
The fix during this trip was: Differential GPS .
The number of satellites in view during this trip was: 10.
The number of satellites used during this trip was: 8.
The accuracy during this trip was: 11 meters.
The speed during this trip was: 26.89 KM/H.
The reliability of this database is: very good.

Average calculated data

Reliability score: 94%.
Moving heading deviation: 11 degrees.
Drifting heading deviation: 29 degrees.
Total heading deviation: 14 degrees.
Speed diviation: 1.95 KM/H
Exclusions (speed < 0.25 KpH): 17%.

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Loadstone track to route generator.


Uncheck unwanted points and doubles caused by GPS drift. Press 'Generate route' to proceed.

Not enough data to process.



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