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Fri Oct 16 21:44:22 BST 2009


I figured it out! I know how to seperate .osm files into one file for streets and another for points of interest. Ok here's directions.
1. convert your data.osm file into a loadstone database .txt file and save it.
2. Open the .txt file you just saved in notepad. 
3. find the word school. do a search.
4. Go up until you find the last streetname now go down once to the first point of interest.
5. Hit control shift end to select from cursor to end of file. now hit control c to coy.
6. open a new notepad program or open wordpad. 
7. paste this data. you're not done yet.
8. go back into the original file with all the streets and stuff and at the top you'll see this. 


Copy it and go paste it at the top of your new poi's file. in the other open document. 
9. now save the new file. 
There! you now got all your poi's in a different file than your streets! Now  for some reason loadstone is not as good as sendero or trekker when it comes to poi's. open streetmap doesn't have the restaurants gas stations corner stores and sandwitch shops. 
Ok now here is how to add those. use google maps to find the address. Now use geo-coder to get its coordinates. copy the info in the read only edit box into a text file. don't forget to copy the table name and put the headers at top of your new database. Now if you want to change your poi names edit the stuff inside the quotes. You can keep adding points this way. Then you can share them. 


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