[Loadstone] Comparing OSM2loadstone converters

Lex lex at progger.ru
Thu Oct 15 16:18:26 BST 2009

Hi list and Rob,

I want to share the results of my quick-comparison of the tools.
I've converted my living area optained from openstreetmap by using the 
geocoder. Kyiv city (box with 60 KM side length), Here is a link:
So the osm file was approximately 28.4 megabytes.

Time results:
php converter - conversion time: 75 seconds.
python converter - conversion time: 33 seconds.

Resulting number of points:
php converter - 7168
python converter - 7536

Also, i noticed that there are some corrupted point names in the php 
version of loadstone database. By coruption i mean wrong encoding, for 
example line 167:
"Антонова авіаконструктора, вул. x Пилипа

Note, that records around this one are not corrupted.

All the best,

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