[Loadstone] Separate POIs and Street data from OSM

Lulu-Ann at gmx.de Lulu-Ann at gmx.de
Thu Oct 15 14:39:33 BST 2009

Josh wrote:
> *when converting a .osm file add a checkbox that says something like,
> seperate into two databases? If this box is checked when the conversion is
> done, you will get two links with files to import. one file contains the
> streetmaps while the other contains nothing but points of interest found. Then in
> loadstone you can have one database for streets, the other for restaurants
> and schools and stores and things. Want to know what pois are near you?
> just load the pois database for your area. Want to revert to navigating by
> the streetNames? just load your streetmaps again. You see, I noticed when a
> .osm file has converted it says something like 40000 points found, 80
> pointsof interest found, etcetera. Well, why not have a box that when checked
> takes the 80 points of interest and dumps them in a seperate text file so you
> then got two links to download? one for streets the other for points of
> interest. Then its up to you whether you want to merge them into one database
> or make them seperate databases. 

That does not need to be a feature of the converter tools, as OpenStreetMap can deliver data.osm files with only nodes (POIs), without ways and areas.



for a how to.

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