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Ok I found one thing I love about loadstone that windows mobile and geo do not have. It is far far far easier to connect bluetooth devices to a symbian phone than it is to connect them to a windows mobile pocket pc phone. To connect my hollux m1000 to my pocket pc I had to go into comm manager turn on bluetooth go into settings check I wanted a communications port. Then create a new bluetooth comm port. Ten go into geo go to settings gps settings choose the comm port hit tab and in the edit box it says gps as the name of my receiver. Well in comm manager its hollux m1000 so why doesn't geo just use that name? Anyway i cannot change it because I do not know how to delete text out of editt fields using the xv6700 pocket pc phone. So I asked on the list. Now with loadstone I just turn on bluetooth when it asks scan for the receiver, and then connect. It's so simple with loadstone why can't Windows Mobile be that simple? Also would love to be able to convert a data.osm file and download its streets as one file and points of interest in a seperate file. 


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