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I have some questions. 
1. I have 30 day trials of mobilespeak pocket for windws mobile devices and mobile geo for windows mobile. In geo the points are kind of separate from the actual streetmaps. the points of interest that is. So here's my suggestion for the offline tools.
*when converting a .osm file add a checkbox that says something like, seperate into two databases? If this box is checked when the conversion is done, you will get two links with files to import. one file contains the streetmaps while the other contains nothing but points of interest found. Then in loadstone you can have one database for streets, the other for restaurants and schools and stores and things. Want to know what pois are near you? just load the pois database for your area. Want to revert to navigating by the streetNames? just load your streetmaps again. You see, I noticed when a .osm file has converted it says something like 40000 points found, 80 pointsof interest found, etcetera. Well, why not have a box that when checked takes the 80 points of interest and dumps them in a seperate text file so you then got two links to download? one for streets the other for points of interest. Then its up to you whether you want to merge them into one database or make them seperate databases. 


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