[Loadstone] Fw: Any Solution or Setting.

Rob Melchers rob at loadstone-gps.com
Tue Oct 13 03:26:48 BST 2009

At 10/13/2009, you wrote:
>Hi Rob,
>I have sent this mail to the group and seems no one replied to any of the 
>queries.  Do you mind in your spare time look into it and let me know of 
>any better way or setting to configure LS to overcome what I am facing.

If you don't get an answer from the list it usually can mean 2 things:
1. Nobody knows the answer.
2. The answer is to be found in the documentation.

Getting Started Manual Chapter 2:
Keep moving, because standing still confuses a modern receiver, unless you 
have set 'Static Threshold' (see page 4 of this manual) to a
value higher than 0 in Options/Settings/GPS.

Getting Started Manual Chapter 4:
Static Threshold, also known as Static Navigation (SN) is a function in GPS 
receivers that 'freezes' the continuous reading of the satellite signals. A
GPS unit needs to know the heading in which it is moving in order to make 
predictions. When the receiver is stationary, no heading can be determined and
this results in a pseudo random behavior (drift)of the navigational unit. 
To avoid this behavior, manufacturers of receivers configured them to stop 
when the speed dropped beyond a certain threshold. For use in cars, the 
threshold was set to about 3 to 5 kph.

For pedestrian use this value is too high. You may be able to do 5 kph on 
foot, but not all the time, right? So, when GPS navigation became popular with
hikers, many manufacturers decided to switch static navigation off in their 
receivers. The 'all or nothing' story. In Loadstone-GPS you get the choice
to decide for yourself if, and how much static threshold should be applied, 
with the Options/Settings/Static threshold option.
Static Threshold is expressed in numeric values between 0 and 999, measured 
in KPH. When your speed drops below the assigned value, Loadstone will assume
you are stationary. Speed will set to 0 and heading will lock to what it 
was prior to the threshold. This function thus compensates for the drift 
with many modern GPS receivers . A value of 0 turns Static Threshold off.

So please don't 'borrow' my spare time but RTFM.


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