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Kit goldeneagle74 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 23:31:41 BST 2009

Hi to all,

I have these few queries, wondering if there is a solution or setting to change for this:

1.  When I am moving in a vehicle, the reporting of degree with left, right and so on is usually correct.  I am using Relative Degree monitoring.  However, once the vehicle stop moving and even with my hand not moving an inch, the position seems to be mixed up a lot.  e.g. left become right and so on.

2.  I have manually signed quite a number of points in Malaysia.  However, even when I am standing at the exact point which I have signed and saved before, it will still say that I am 40 meters away from it.  Make it worst, pressing the select key won't even read out my current point nearest to me in stead it will read points much further away from me.  Any setting to minimize such errors?

3.  How do we select what points to be announced when we press curs.  Example, If I have 5 points, one exactly north and one exactly south.  On top of these, I have another 3 points near to me on my right.  For now, pressing Cursor up will announce the point in the north, Cursor down will announce what is exactly on the south.  However, when pressing cursor right, it will only announce one of the points.  Anyway to make it announce all 3 points which is on the right?  If there is no such feature, possible for it to be added for future enhancement please?  This will make us miss out points when we are moving cause it will only announce one of the point on the right.

Thanks for any answers or help, greatly appreciated.
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