[Loadstone] New OpenStreetMap converter

Lex lex at progger.ru
Sat Oct 10 14:31:56 BST 2009


09.10.2009 20:45, krecoun пишет:
> I can't get this program to work for me.
> When I run cmd and navigate to the folder and type osm.exe --help or 
> osm.exe -help, there appears some messages and it ends allways with
> no translation for domain loadstone.
> Do I need python installed to run this? I think, I have one, yes, I 
> have python 2.6 installed.

No, you isn't required to have python. That was my mistake, which i 
fixed recently (thanks Monty for reporting that one). Especially, 
program failed to start because there is not translation for your 
language. Now it will fallback to english.
You can optain a new version at http://loadstonetools.googlecode.com

p.s. Anybody who wants to translate the program to other languages 
(including amenity types etc) are welcome.

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