[Loadstone] bluetooth keyboard

Vetrivel Adhimoolam vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Sat Oct 10 01:31:43 BST 2009

I agree. In fact I remember my earlier prolems even with N82 when I tried to 
connect my bluetooth headset along with the Haulex M1000 and it used to 
hang. But it got fixed after I upgraded the firmware. If that's the case 
with phones like N82, then I can very well imagine about second edition 


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> Loadstone can be used with a normal keyboard if you have one. This will 
> depend on the phone and if it'll support more than one bluetooth 
> connection at once. If I'm remembering correctly the 6600 is kind of an 
> old phone, maybe second edition? More than one bluetooth connection at a 
> time could be hit and miss on the second edition phones, some do it better 
> than others. If you want to take advanntage of all of loadstone's features 
> then I'd suggest getting a third edition phone. They might cost a little 
> more but it's probably well worth it in the end. If you're trying to cut 
> costs by getting a second edition phone then I'd recommend an n70. This is 
> a good phone with nice features and pretty stable firmware.
> On Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Josh wrote:
>> Hi,
>> If I got a nokia 6600 or 6682 or if Mark did, would a bluetooth keyboard 
>> work with itt? Could I have a bluetooth keyboard and gps receiver 
>> connected at the same time? Could I use loadstone with the keyboard 
>> rather than the phone's keypad?
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