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Well we may have another loadstone user soon. I sent my friend Mark a demo of loadstone, more specifically a podcast I made about it a few months ago. Mark called humanware and asked about trekker. When all is said and done he would pay $2400 or so for it. He does not want to pay so much. I told himone of the reasons why it costs so much is because you're getting a new PDA, plus streetMaps and also basically the yellowPages integrated in with the streetMaps of your region. And probably an expensive bluetooth gps receiver. So anyway Mark does not want to pay that much for GPS. So it's quite possible he will get the nokia 6600 or similar phone, and get talks and loadstone for it. $2300 for gps is ridiculous! If there's a point I want I get its coordinates and put it quickly into loadstone. Come to think of it, hey I remember when entering in coordinates it gives it to you in the loadstone format. for example: 

"1052 Spruce St,  Reading",403303560,-759168140,1,0,0,60987,1255126580

Ok, now correct me if I'm wrong here folks but does this mean I could get addresses from google maps and just start pasting such lines into a text file in notePad? and then put the text file on my phone and import it into a loadstone database? If not, why does geo coder give it to me in the loadstone format? 

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