[Loadstone] Possibility to ignore Cellid...

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Oct 9 04:36:57 BST 2009

So basically we treate every lac/cellid pair as a separate bts. This only 
causes an overload in the names and for now it's probably not too bad. At 
some point this structure could be changed to point to a names table. For 
now the collection of the bts data can only be a good thing.

On Fri, 9 Oct 2009, Grzegorz Zlotowicz wrote:

> Hi again,
> i read a bit more about the gsm system, and the whole thing is a bit more 
> complicated - constatations I made before are most probably true for Poland, 
> but aren't universal, so sorry for confusion...
> 1. One lac can be assigned to more than 1 bts.
> 2. Bts inside and only inside one lac must have unique cellid numbers.
> 3. In Poland the last digit of cellid designates the sector number, but it is 
> not an universal rule.
> 4. Seems that one bts in most cases must occupy more than one cellid number, 
> because of many independent sectors or transceivers, but each operator can 
> set up own rules of numbering them.
> 5. It means, that each lac,cid pair must be indexed independently, making a 
> huge overload of data: if one bts contains 3 sectors, and we must index each 
> lac/cid independently, the database is 3 times bigger that it could be...
> 6. Some solution would be to create a table btsnames containing simple id and 
> name, and reconstructing the cell table to contain instead of name - a 
> reference to btsnames... It would decrease the space of db, but I see it's 
> not worth doing at the moment...
> 7. An other problem is, that some operator can during one night remotely 
> change the numbers of each of own bts stations, (rather small probability in 
> fact), and then the bts collection becames fiction, but as I said at the 
> beginning, such collection is useful...
> 8. Concluding, at the moment current solution implemented in Loadstone seems 
> to be most practical.
> So, i'm cancelling my request for modification...
> Greetings, GZ. 
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