[Loadstone] Geocaching with Loadstone

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at online.nl
Thu Oct 8 13:47:09 BST 2009

Hello team,

A few weeks ago I asked if Loadstone could be made to accept entering 
coordinates in the format that is normally used for Geocaching.
This format is degrees, minutes and then decimal fractions of minutes.

Until now I haven't had any reaction to my question, although you mostly
very kindly answer to questions and requests for new features from users.
I could understand if this one doesn't have very high priority, because you 
so many requests, but I would really be glad if this would
get in at some point in time, and I know of at least one more user who uses
Loadstone for Geocaching and would like this very much.
So could you please let me know if you have any plans to put this in, so I
know what to expect?

Thanks very much.


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