[Loadstone] Loadstone enhancements

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Thu Oct 8 07:02:25 BST 2009


  Some thoughs

On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:

> *Accuracy display. It would be possible to have a setting for accuracy to be 
> displayed as a distance or just the hdop value. The hdop value isn't very 
> meaningfull thoe.

  I also prefer to have the DOP values as plain values. How about setting 
the scaling for to zero to get just the  plain values. converting the 
value to metres with linear interpolation does not give any more 
meaningful results than pure  DOP values.

> *accuracy display unit. It would be possible to put in a setting to toggle 
> the display unit from metric to imperial. I'll put this on the todo list.

  when consiering the accuracy of accuracy estimation it does not make any 
difference if it is in yards or meters. Probably the  estimated accuracy 
should follow the  selected measurement units, it does not make much sense 
to use meters with imperial units and  vice versa.

> *Check all points of a search. This could be done but might result in too 
> many points being checked for the program to handle depending on how many 
> results were being displayed. The other problem would be just how many points 
> were checked. The search is done incrementally so you don't know the final 
> results until you get to the search complete item.

  How about checking all poinst foud so far.  For example  i have some 
paths marked with  names of their start and ending points. When i  want to 
use them as a route i have to first  search them and then  check them 
> *Repeat last command at time interval. This is on the todo list. I'm not sure 
> when it'll be put in yet.


> *Remap speed and heading. This is why you can edit the key map. These are two 
> separate functions that by default are assigned to the same key. We're never 
> going to come up with a default key map that'll please everyone.

  Would it be, however, possible to think something easier to modify the 
keymap than  editing the text file or even worse using the online keymap 

> *double comma in search string. This could probably be fixed. How often are 
> there commas at the beginning or end of point names?

  I have seriously considered adding a comma at end of point names  that 
end with  a digit just to avoid the screen reader to  mess the  house 
number at the end of point name  and distance to it.

> *Travel time for trip metre. This could probably be done but since the 
> program saves the trip metre distance accross stops and starts it might not 
> be very accurate as far as real time goes.

  It could also store elapsed time so far.

> *Overwrite if file exists. There needs to be a prompt for this.

  With text files override or append.

> *.gpx format. I don't know anything about that format, Can you give more 
> information? Is this format open? What does it contain? If it can be used 
> then it might be something worth looking at.

  GPX format is  a xml format to exchange gps location information. At 
least bpsbable can produce it.

> *Real time route creation. This is on the todo list but I'm not sure how 
> it'll work yet. There's still quite a few things to be put in before this can 
> be completed.

  Very awaited feature, indeed.

> *Point approaching announcement setting. This could be put in. I'm still not 
> sure why you'd want to have checkpoints with no approaching announcements.

  There is the autoannounce feature that can be used for  similar purpose. 
Just let us  to set the aproach time and distance to to zero and  stop

> *Exit search if joystick pressed on search completed item. This could 
> probably be done.

  Nice feature, i agree.

> *Send location to emergency. Not a bad idea but how would this be 
> implemented? Are there any emergency services that can accept some sort of 
> message? In what format? If so it's not the type of thing I'd really want to 
> test. The next version will have location sending capabilities so you can 
> send to another loadstone user.

  A plain  text SMS messages with lat and lon in time format dd:mm:ss.s is 
probably most  compatible.

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